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Food is the mother of all sustainability challenges

Who we are

Providing Sustainable Solutions to Farmers

      AGRIDE is an EU manufacturer aims to improve quality and quantity of crop production by acting on the stimulation of the physiological processes concerned with growth and development of plants. AGRIDE’s products provide crops with the required nutrients and improve the plants’ ability to prevent abiotic stress.

      With growing populations, increased demand for bio-fuels, climate change, pollution, increasing water scarcity and loss of agricultural land to development, the world has to grow more with less. Agride’s vision is to meet this challenge by developing products to reduce crop output gaps in a safe, sustainable manner.

      Our laboratory is provided with latest-technologies equipment for research, analysis, control and development, while the manufacturing process occurs through several plant systems that are fully powered by green energy, in line with the company’s environment-friendly policy. Agride’s products are distributed worldwide throughout a structured sales network.