AG Microbial metabolites

Product model:Liquid,Powder Product origin:UK

AG Microbial metabolites

An  innovative extract, AG metabolites extracted from exclusive microbial bacteria, purely natural, has no chemical synthesis without live bacteria. It has biological activity and can participate in the physiological growth and reproductive growth activities of plants, thus playing an excellent role in all stages of plants.

Key Advantages of AG metabolites:

  • Promote root growth: stimulate crop rooting and improve nutrient absorption and utilization efficiency.
  • Increase photosynthesis: Increase the photosynthesis rate(SPAD) of plants and better synthesize and accumulate nutrients.
  • Excellent stress resistance: Improve the tolerance of crops to soil droughts, floods, alkalinity or acidity, and harmful metal elements. Enhance the survival rate of crops under stress conditions.
  • Improve the soil environment: Improve soil conditions, dissolve nutrients in the soil that are difficult to use directly, and improve the soil’s ability to supply nutrients.
  • Promote the absorption of NPK: AG Microbial metabolites can enhance the absorption and utilization of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients by crops by fixing nitrogen, dissolving phosphorus, and decomposing potassium.
The application of AG metabolites:
  •  Fertilizer enhancer
          Add to granular compound fertilizer, powder water-soluble fertilizer.
          Add to liquid fertilizer.
  • foliar spraying (diluted by 1: 10000), drip irrigation (300-450ml per hectare).