AgP Fertilizer defoamer DF250

A new type of organosilicon compound synthesized by using defoaming substances with special molecular structures and polyether’s. AgP® DF250 have excellent performance.

It has a defoaming effect and excellent foam inhibition and compatibility and can be used in various industries such as water-based pesticides, liquid fertilizers, and water-based slurries in the quality system.

1,Excellent defoaming and long-lasting foam suppression
2,Excellent compatibility, no oil floating

1, Polymerized lotion products, and the addition amount is 0.03 of water-based lotion formula; 0.1% can be added at higher temperatures.
2, Liquid fertilizers and pesticide products for defoaming, the addition amount is 0.05~0.2% of the finished product, and this defoamer can be used directly.
(Remark: It can be added or pre-dispersed in water before use.)
Experience has shown that it has excellent compatibility with the vast majority of products and raw materials. Of course, when adding special formulas, it is determined based on evaluation tests.

Ecological impact:
• Biodegradable. AgP ® DF250 active substance has only a very low possibility of biological accumulation.

Packaging and storage
AgP ® DF250 is not classified as dangerous goods during transportation, with packaging specifications of 25 kg/barrel and 170 kg/barrel. For more information, please refer to the MSDS.
(Remark: please stored in unopened original packaging, away from light at room temperature, with a shelf life of 12 months. If it expires, it needs to be reevaluated.)