AgP Fertilizer preservatives

The AgP series of liquid fertilizer preservatives have mainly developed three effective products, MK255, MK355, and MK455

MK255 relies on forming hydrogen bonds with DNA molecules in proteins within microorganisms and adsorbing them on bacterial cells, disrupting the structure of DNA within microorganisms and causing them to lose their ability to replicate, thereby killing microorganisms. It has a strong inhibitory and killing effect on various bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

MK355 is a high-temperature resistant liquid fertilizer special anti-corrosion and anti-mold agent. In addition to all the functions of MK255, it can also meet higher storage and production process temperatures.

MK455 is an environmentally friendly anti-corrosion and mold inhibitor. Apart from having the same efficacy as MK255, it has no irritating effect on the human body and crops when used at a concentration.

For detailed information, please refer to TDS and MSDS.