DEEPER Organic biostimulants

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AGRIDE’s main concern has always been to provide cost effective products of the highest quality, respecting nature and environment.

This idea led us to the creation of DEERPER Organic biostimulants. A pioneer organic biostimulant product that is based on the proven benefits of the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum and Beet Molasses, unlocking the full potential of plants.

DEEPER Organic biostimulants is a solution produced by a specialized cold process of the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum and Beet Molasses that maintains intact the natural balance of the kelp’s free amino acids, hydrolyzed proteins, vitamins, macro-micro elements and natural hormones (ABA,IAA ,Cytokinins).

This balance is the key to the direct nutrient absorption and growth of plants, since they automatically identify the nutrients, imitating natural processes.

Key Advantages of DEEPER Organic biostimulants:

·       Improves in a natural way the synthesis of proteins, amino acids, sugars within the plant and increases its growth.

·       Promotes faster flowering.

·       Increases crop yield.

·       Enhances all the quality characteristics (color, size, etc) of the final crop.

·       Extends the preservation time of the final crop during transport.

·       Helps the plant to overcome stress.

·       Improves the efficiency of water-soluble fertilizers and pesticides.

·       Stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

·       Strengthens the root system of the plant.

DEEPER Organic biostimulants Mechanism of action:

·       The natural hormones act as a growth regulator by enhancing the amino acids, proteins and sugars synthesis within the plant.

·       The Amino acids of seaweed activate plant metabolism and improve the self defense mechanism.

·       The Sugars of seaweed improve the soil’s quality, increase the availability of energy and stimulate growth.

DEEPER Organic biostimulants formulas: