EuroChem modernized its agrochemical laboratory

EuroChem completed an investment project to modernize a fertilizer laboratory (the city of Belorechensk, Krasnodar region). The updated instrument base and modern methods of analysis allow the company to offer a new additional service – a comprehensive soil analysis.

During 2022, the instrumentation base of the laboratory was completely modernized and modern methods of analysis were introduced, which made it possible to automate the process of determining a wide range of soil and water macro- and microelements. The laboratory staff has been trained and mastered all required analyzing techniques.

Modernization of the laboratory is a big step towards consumers of EuroChem products. Now every client of the company can receive not only a comprehensive soil survey but also a transcript of the results with recommendations on the use of mineral fertilizers for specific crops.

Today, the EuroChem laboratory offers a choice of several packages of agrochemical analyzes: basic soil analysis for compiling nutrition systems for any crops; advanced soil analysis, which is recommended for vegetables, fruit and berry crops and orchards and allows you to take into account the need for trace elements; and basic water analysis, which allows assessing the quality of irrigation water and clarifying data for adjusting nutrition systems through fertigation. At the same time, EuroChem specialists can work out an individual research plan for specific tasks and perform point measurements of a single parameter. Sampling can be ordered by the client as part of the service or carried out independently and brought to the nearest client center. If the farmer needs, the company’s specialists will inform them how to properly select and prepare samples.

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