Italian amino-acids Carbion7

AGRIDE Carbion7 is a bio-stimulant product produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of animal epithelial cells. High content of free amino acids, easy to absorb, making the product nutritious and promoting the main nutritional functions, such as chlorophyll photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and protein synthesis. Due to this special formula, the application of this product is advantageous to overcome cultivation difficulties, promote root growth, increase nutrient absorption of fertilizers, and promote plant growth and development.And an increase in production.

Technical indicators:
Free amino acid bio organic carbon :25%
Total amino acids:44.5%
Total free amino acids:12.5%

Physical performance:
1. Appearance: Brown liquid.
2. Odor: Special odor, non irritating
4. Density: 1.28 at 25 ℃
5. pH: 10% soluble in water 6.68
6. Dosage/Use: foliar spraying: 100-150g/100L of water; Drip irrigation flushing application: 20 kg/ha

Tank trucks with different capacities of 13 tons, 25 tons, and 30 tons, as well as medium-sized bulk carriers with capacities of 1 ton, 50L, and 20L each.